SMARTNET programme comprises 4 semesters (modules), each providing at least 30 ECTS. In the first three semesters traditional courses and laboratory sessions are provided, while the 4th semester is dedicated to independent work by the student relevant to his MSc thesis, see bellow. The offered programme focuses upon the development of proper competences in the key interconnecting areas of telecommunication networks and informatics and encompasses a wide range of topics and expertise related to the development of highly skilled telecommunication engineers to develop future 5G systems. In the introductory section, students will be provided with strong preparation to ensure that they are fully up to date on latest developments and have the required flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of the particular scientific field. By the end of the learning activities, they will have completely mastered the areas of wired and wireless communication systems, photonic and microwave devices, network architectures, signal processing, big data information systems and analytics.