The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Smart Telecom and Sensing Networks (EMJMD-SMARTNET) welcomes applications from leading academics and professionals to be part of the programme as visiting scholars/guest lecturers.

Please note,  that under the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances all the engagement activities of the invited scholar will be online. Their purpose may vary from teaching and sharing knowledge with the SMARTNET students, to performing research and developing a partnership with the host institution (e.g. working on joint articles, developing ongoing projects, strengthening the SMARTNET networking by identifying new ways of collaboration, etc )

Selected scholars/guest lectures must commit to:

  • actively take part in the EMJMD SMARTNET programme for the full duration of their engagement
  • bring concrete added value to the programme and students (through the teaching of specific classes, leading and taking part in seminars or workshops, monitoring and tutoring student research/project activities, participation in assessment)
  • contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the EMJMD SMARTNET programme, in their institution and country of origin
  • Produce a report on the activities carried out during their stay that will be submitted to the EACEA.

Eligibility criteria

Scholars/guest lecturers can be based in institutions either inside or outside the European Union and must engage a minimum of 4 working days and a maximum of 2 weeks at the host institute (ASTON, TSP/TP, UoA).

Note: A “week” is defined as a minimum of 4 out of 7 consecutive calendar days. It is not possible to consider 8 consecutive days as 2 weeks. Days of scholar work may include travelling time.

Scholar/guest lecturer’s “virtual mobility” is considered eligible in the following cases:

  • virtual mobility between the partners of the consortium (including to/from associated partners);
  • virtual mobility from outside the consortium, in case such mobility is clearly linked to the Master course.

A scholar/guest lecturer paid by other EU funding schemes (including other Erasmus+ actions) cannot be considered eligible, neither we can report their engagement as complete/

Proficiency in English and ability to teach at a high level are highly required. Top-level applicants will be selected by the Executive Board based on excellence and on consortium needs.

Terms of the Grant

The maximum allowance for EMJMD SMARTNET invited scholars is €1,500 per week, including travel and accommodation costs.

In order to receive the payment visiting, scholars must submit a detailed activity report after their visit.

Enquiries and applications

If you are interested in applying, please email us at Your application should include (in a zip file):

  1. A visiting scholar application form, downloadable here
  2. Your most recent and detailed CV
  3. List of selected publications
  4. A scanned copy of your passport

Applications can be made on a rolling basis, ideally three months before the proposed stay in the SMARTNET programme. In each intake, the consortium will be able to support 8 weeks in total of scholar/guest lecturers’ visits.

SMARTNET Executive Board may suggest modification of course contents should your proposal be accepted.

Note: EACEA may use the data of your application for the purposes of evaluating the programmes, efficiently manage the projects, and producing statistics. For further details please consult the EACEA’s Provisions for the processing of personal data