As a part of Aston Optica / SPIE / IEEE Chapter, with the support of FONTE-EID H2020 and SMARTNET/PIXNET Erasmus+ projects, an all-day event was organised on 11th of March 2022, to commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrating Women in STEM Careers.

The team of organisers hosted speakers, across genders, to talk about their experience in moving from a PhD into their careers in academia, industry and publishing. The speakers shared their experiences about their journey and told about skills and know-how they deem necessary for their vocations. We hoped this would help participants to understand how they can find a foothold in different career alternatives after finishing their PhD. This was a great opportunity to hear not only about the achievements but also their struggles and not-so-straight timelines of pursuing a career or position of their choice. The event was opened not only to Women in STEM Careers, but to a diverse general audience, and we hope participants from all educational levels and work spheres joined to appreciate the narratives. SMARTNET and PIXNET students have also participated in the round table event.Paulami RayDr Sofie Lange