Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom

ASTON University will offer the Master Degree on Smart Telecom and Sensing Networks, which will comprise the courses of two other currently running MSc programmes i.e. the Master in Telecommunication Systems and the Master in Wireless Communications and Networking. The combined programme is focused on educating students on subjects related to the generation, manipulation and detection of signals over both optical fibre and wireless networks. This area is currently recognised as one of the most significant within Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and is one of the enabling architectures for the future Internet. The programme has been designed in partnership with the UK’s leading telecommunication organizations. To ensure its continuing relevance, representatives from a range of major employers, including BT and Ericsson, have gathered together to review, monitor and update the programme. Acknowledged experts are invited to the University from the industry as visiting lectures bringing with them the details of the latest developments, issues and research (see relevant handbook here).






Télécom SudParis (TSP), Paris, France

IP Paris through Télécom SudParis (TSP), along with its sister school Télécom Paris (TP), will offer the Master of Engineering, Information Science and Technology, option: Electrical Engineering, which aims at giving high-level skills to students in order to allow them to join engineering and development departments of leading companies or research teams towards a PhD thesis. This program is divided into two years. The first year correspond to the Master 1 programme called: “E3A International Track”, with the option Electrical and Optical Engineering (EOE). The second year of this graduate programme corresponds to the Master 2 called: “Optical Networks and Photonics Systems”. TSP and TP, joined IP Paris in 2015 as founding members of this community of Universities and HEIs5 (a new way to organize French higher education and research in larger and higher-impact centres of excellence), while remaining autonomous HEIs. This means that TSP operates the Master programme (registering, hosting, welcoming international students, hiring professors, delivering courses, organising exams, etc.) in close cooperation with TP and several other IP Paris members, while IP Paris delivers the Master Degree, as it does for all the members of the community. In this framework, SMARTNET students will receive the accredited Master Degree in E3A from IP Paris even though they are fully taken charge of by TSP. Promotion of the Master programmes is ensured jointly by TSP, IP Paris and all its involved members. SMARTNET will benefit from the international visibility of IP Paris which also gathers world-renowned members and 15% of the French public research (see relevant handbook here).



University of Athens, Athens, Greece

The Master program of the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications of UoA covers a broad range of specializations such as Theoretical Computer science, Information and Data Management, Software and Hardware of computing systems, Computer Networks, Telecommunications and Network Technologies, Signal and Information processing and learning and Information and Communications Technologies. The students have the possibility to work on their MSc thesis participating in the activities of the National and European Research projects of the Department. Moreover, the close collaboration of the teaching staff with the local and the European private sector provides additional opportunities for the students to enrich their scientific and technological experience (see relevant handbook here).







Courses will be delivered by lecturers and senior researchers with considerable teaching experience affiliated on a permanent basis with the member institutions. In exceptional cases, external professors will be invited to teach specialized topics. Apart from its sound experience in the delivery of MSc level courses, the teaching staff of SMARTNET maintains also a sound research activity within several international e.g. EU, cooperation frameworks. All members are recognised worldwide experts in their scientific field; they have authored numerous papers and have many years of experience in leading research teams.