Aston University (Birmingham, UK), Coordinator (Areas of expertise: wireless and optical communications network systems, optical sensing)




Université Paris-Saclay (France), UPSaclay, through its member institution Télécom SudParis (Évry, France), TSP and Télécom ParisTech, TPT (Areas of expertise: physical layer of telecom and sensing networks, electromagnetic, nano-photonics, antenns design, microwave technology)



University of Athens (Athens, Greece, UoA) (Areas of expertise : digital signal processing, machine learning, Big data management systems, security of networks)



SMARTNET has received the strong support of 18 industrial partners, who will provide internship opportunities to students and contribute to their training experience: 

  • Airbus, UK;
  • OTE, Greece;
  • Orange Labs, France;
  • FAZ Technology, Ireland;
  • Coriant R&D, Germany;
  • AIT, Greece;
  • Arden Photonics, UK;
  • Keopsys, France;
  • Orange Polska, Poland;
  • CEMENTYS, France;
  • EKINIOS, France;
  • KTN, UK;
  • EPIC, France;
  • Network Rail, UK;
  • Branscan, UK;
  • Thales, France;
  • Nokia Bell Labs, France;
  • Phoenix Photonics, UK.