The SMARTNET grateful students from the 3rd intake organised a small party and presented a Map as a gift to the SMARTNET programme director, Dr Stylianos Sygletos. Students used pins of two different colours to mark countries, from where the students originated, and where the SMARTNET alumni are currently working.

Communication between all three cohorts was organised very well during the programme, and even after graduation students stayed connected. Therefore, even the first and second intakes alumni have contributed by providing location information.

I cannot express how is pleasant to receive sincere gratitude from students for the last 3 years of work on the Smartnet project! Thank you very much guys for this surprise! Special thanks to Safiya Dabwan, the student of the third intake who was the main organiser of this sincere event.

In this photo: Safiya Dabwan (3rd intake student), Tetyana Gordienko (programme administrator), Dr Stylianos Sygletos (programme director) and Nelson Castro (2nd intake alumni)